About breed

If you look at this dog you can say it’s the unhappiest dog in the world. Everybody feels pity and the wish to pet it observing its exterior. But it happens only to those who don’t know the dog’s psychology. Specialists know that a muzzle of the dog does not always reflect its spiritual state. To imagine the dog’s mood it’s worth looking at the quite contrary part of its body. A tail is a real barometer of its mood and you shouldn’t be deceived as its tail is always raised gaily and is constantly moving. In spite of the sad view it is a very cheerful dog.

Basset hound rather looks like not a dog but a toy or cartoon picture. Comic impression of its long body with short paws is intensified with the charming wrinkled muzzle, sad eyes and too long ears. But bear in mind that basset isn’t a clown and it doesn’t bear such attitude, though at present bassets are considered to be generally room dogs. Really it’s a hunting-dog and it behaves like it. Its name tells about this dog itself. Translated from English “hound” means hunting-dog and “basset” means dachshund. But it`s only superficial characteristic. This breed couldn`t appear in natural way, it was created by the man who had chosen only short-legs dogs for reproduction. Probably it was made in ancient times. Mentioning of dogs who looks like dachshunds, it met in Assirian, Egyptian and Babilon sources. Perhaps there was told about accidental deformities, but it isn`t the exception, that these dogs had been bred by means of selection. It was because their hunting qualities had been already known.

At present basset-hound generally became a room-dog both in Europe and in the USA, where it is more popular. Unfortunately in Europe there is an opinion that the good room-dog should be small, but you can`t call basset-hound a small dog in spite of the short paws. But though this dog isn`t tiny it posseses all the qualities of the room-dog. Basset is clean, quiet, reserved like a well-bred grown-up. It can be quite taken for the statue. Without talking into account its short paws the difference between little frantic dachshund and staid, silent and pompous basset hound is very big.

That one, who is guided only with a size choosing the room-dog, should think seriously.

Basset hound didn’t forget its hunting past. It really enjoys going to the country where its instinct of ancestors wakes up. In these cases it touches the ground with its nose in search of pleasant smells. If it discovers something, it becomes blind and deaf and can’t pay attention to all your attempts to call it. But it doesn’t mean it is stubborn, it is simply a hound dog which must be completely devoted to the search. Stubbornness and persistence are merit but not a defect for this breed. If you need a dog which lives in the constant waiting of your command and which is ready to leave everything having heard your voice, it will be better to forget about hound dogs and buy a deutscher schaeferhund.

But if our basset is able to think with own head in the country then it’s necessary to teach it to take into consideration the master’s being at home. It’s rather difficult to achieve, but it’s possible. It’s rather difficult to achieve, but it’s possible. First of all you should remember that dogs are social animals which have a tendency to gather in packs as their ancestors were wolves. There is a strict hierarchy inside the pack and every dog has to know exactly its place in this hierarchy. The highest level is a leader of the pack which is obedient unquestioningly by everybody. In the human family a host plays the role of the leader and he has to show that he is a real leader if he wants to get obedience and respect. If basset thinks its master does not deserve to be a leader, it overthrows him and plays this role itself. How to avoid it? Really it’s very simply. Firstly, a true leader pays much attention to his dog, he talks to him, pets him, but he also brings up and leads him. Secondly, a true leader is always quiet and selfconfident. A master who speaks at a top voice and scolds isn’t worthy of respect and obeying him. Thirdly, a true leader is always consistent. So the puppy which was let sleeping on the master’s bed, considers sleeping there up to the end of his life. If having become older, it occupies a half of the bed, so it’s not its fault and having driven it away you lose a significant part of its respect.

It’s not easy to be a good leader. You should work a little to deserve basset’s respect. First of all you should begin elementary basset’s bringing up since the first months. A puppy is more brought up and headed as a big dog. Secondly, never feel sorry for a sad look of the dog which is such one by nature. After scolding the dog blames for the pity most of all. If strict measures aren’t admitted in relation of the dog, it doesn’t mean it should be let doing everything. But don’t follow the advices of those books which to punish a puppy raising it by the neck skin. Our friend has so much skin that raising it by the skin we raise only it. The only active punishment for the puppy of basset hound is the master’s categorical word is “it isn’t allowed!” and “bad” which are followed by the slap.

What concerns the leaders, how to know if it considers us to be such ones or not? As it’s a kind and gentle dog, it will never try to attack us and the more to show the fangs. However it’s always visible when the dog respects the master. Let’s imagine the dog is sitting on the sofa and the master decided to make it get down. If he is not worthy to be a leader to the dog’s mind, he can spend the whole hour making it get down. Basset hound will be sitting like stony without showing any wish to fulfil the command. Passive resistance is the main arms of this dog. And as it can weigh more than 30 kg it will be easier for you to go down the hierarchic stairs.

Fortunately, even that one who isn’t worthy of being the leader, he won’t have any problems because of it. He won’t have the obedient dog, but he always will have a good friend. And then you should admit that when basset feels itself a leader, its scornful and offended grimaces are extremely comical. It’s impossible to be offended not only on basset itself, but also in its presence. It’s enough to look at it to recover a good mood again even in the worst days. Perhaps it is one of the reasons of its success. The most pleasant quality of basset hound is its good disposition. It never shows aggression and loves practically everybody.

It is gentle and patient with children, even the noisiest and mischievous. The dog lets them do practically everything. The parents should watch the child not harm the dog, but not on the contrary.

As these dogs were bred for the group work, basset never compete the other dogs, though it is a racist a little and it recognizes basset at once and prefers it to the other dogs. Basset hound has not only a kind muzzle, but it’s generally a kind dog, which can easily get on with any man or animal.